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Everything You Need to Know About the 2024 F1 Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps


Dive into the exhilarating world of the 2024 Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix, set on the legendary Spa-Francorchamps circuit. Renowned for its formidable challenges and elevation changes, this race stands as the ultimate test for drivers. From practice sessions on Friday and Saturday, crucial qualifying on Saturday, to the grand race on Sunday, get ready for a week of pure adrenaline. Broadcasted live nationally and internationally, this race is nothing short of an iconic spectacle not to be missed!

Key Takeaways:

  • Official Site Update: The 2024 Belgian Grand Prix reveals crucial information, captivating F1 enthusiasts with details that embody the essence of Spa’s legendary race.
  • Exclusive Insights: Uncover unique insights, thrilling anecdotes, and behind-the-scenes looks at the teams, drivers, and strategies that define this unmissable event.
  • A Date with History: Immerse yourself in the moving history of F1, where every turn and straight of the Spa-Francorchamps circuit turns expectations into reality for the 2024 edition.

The Story of the Belgian Grand Prix: A Legacy of Speed and Thrills

The Belgian Grand Prix is one of the most historic and celebrated races on the Formula 1 calendar. Taking place on the legendary Spa-Francorchamps circuit, synonymous with extreme speed and thrilling challenges, this Grand Prix has attracted the world’s best drivers, all eager to prove their mettle on this demanding track. The rapid turns and dramatic elevation changes continue to fascinate and demand respect from all competitors.

The Evolution of Spa-Francorchamps Circuit:

From its initial 14km track length using public roads in 1925 to the significantly safer but equally thrilling modern circuit, Spa-Francorchamps has undergone crucial transformations while preserving its unique character and inherent challenges.

The 2024 Season: What’s New and What to Expect

  • Regulation Changes and Their Impact: The 2024 F1 season introduces regulation adjustments aimed at reducing performance disparities between teams, making races on the legendary circuit even more competitive.
  • New Cars, Teams, and Drivers to Watch: The 2024 season welcomes revolutionary car designs and fresh talents, promising a spectacular performance at Spa.

Spa-Francorchamps: A Challenge Unlike Any Other

  • Elevation Changes and Demanding Turns: The circuit’s famous for its harsh elevation shifts and challenging turns, testing drivers’ skills and their vehicles’ performance to the limit.
  • Weather Conditions and Tire Strategy: Spa’s notorious for its unpredictable weather, adding a layer of complexity to tire management and team strategies.

Insider Info: Behind the Paddocks of F1

  • The Role of Pit Crews and Strategy: A closer look at how teams’ strategic choices and the efficiency of pit stops can dramatically influence the race outcome on Spa’s demanding track.
  • Physical and Mental Demands on F1 Drivers: Highlighting the extreme physical endurance and mental focus required to compete in the grueling conditions of the Belgian Grand Prix.

AUTOCAR BRUSSELS: Your Partner in F1 Excellence

  • High-Performance Automotive Parts and Expertise: AUTOCAR BRUSSELS specializes in providing high-performance automotive components that push the limits of engineering and technology, ensuring every piece is reliable and performance-optimized for both professional racers and passionate enthusiasts.
  • Exclusive Events and Fan Experiences: As a proud supporter of Formula 1 and the Belgian Grand Prix, AUTOCAR BRUSSELS offers exclusive fan engagement events, including meet-and-greets with drivers, autograph sessions, and behind-the-scenes tours, bringing fans closer to the thrilling world of F1.

Practical Information for Attending the Belgian Grand Prix:

  • Travel and Accommodation Tips for the Spa Region: Suggestions for ensuring a smooth and enjoyable Grand Prix experience, including advice on booking accommodations early due to high demand and preparing for Belgium’s unpredictable weather.

Experiencing the Race from Afar: Tips and Tricks

  • Enhancing Your Viewing Experience with AUTOCAR BRUSSELS: For fans not able to attend in person, AUTOCAR BRUSSELS offers insights on how to maximize the race-watching experience from home, including access to exclusive content and expert analyses through their services.

The Role of Technology in F1:

  • Advancements in Design and Performance: Exploring how cutting-edge technology and data analysis are used to fine-tune strategies and improve car performance, showcasing F1’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

The Ultimate Fan Experience: What to Expect at the Belgian Grand Prix

  • Atmosphere and Entertainment at the Circuit: Preparing new spectators for the vibrant and unforgettable atmosphere of Spa-Francorchamps, with tips on making the most of their visit to one of the most scenic and challenging circuits in the world.

Stay tuned to AUTOCAR BRUSSELS for the latest updates, exclusive insights, and everything you need to know about the 2024 F1 Belgian Grand Prix. Join us in celebrating the speed, precision, and passion of Formula 1 at the iconic Spa-Francorchamps circuit.

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une image avec ia pour les jeux olmpic paris JO 2024

Autocar Brussels: Your Gateway to Paris 2024 Olympics


As the premier coach company in Brussels, Belgium, Autocar Brussels is your ultimate choice for an unforgettable journey to the upcoming 2024 Olympics in Paris. Situated in Brussels, Belgium, our leading coach company is known for its excellence and commitment to providing an unparalleled transportation experience. Join us to immerse yourself in the thrilling emotions of the Games, with a journey that is as comfortable as it is memorable.

Comfortable Travel Experience

Spacious Seats and Climate Control
At Autocar Brussels, we prioritize the comfort of our passengers during the trip to the 2024 Paris Olympics. Our buses feature spacious seats, allowing each traveler the necessary room to relax. Moreover, our advanced climate control system ensures a pleasant interior temperature throughout your journey, regardless of the weather conditions outside.

Onboard Entertainment and Wi-Fi Availability

The Autocar Brussels experience is designed to make your journey as enjoyable and entertaining as possible. Each bus is equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi and state-of-the-art entertainment systems. Whether you need to catch up on work, stay connected with friends, or simply enjoy a movie, our services ensure you remain connected and entertained throughout your trip to the Olympics.

We take pride in the quality of our Wi-Fi, providing seamless connectivity even in areas with limited coverage. This feature is crucial not only for entertainment but also for safety and ease of communication. Our passengers can enjoy movies, series, music, access to emails, transforming each journey into a pleasant and productive experience.

Professional and Qualified Drivers

Expertise and Professionalism on European Roads
Autocar Brussels drivers undergo extensive training, making them adept at navigating the complex network of European roads. Their extensive knowledge ensures that every journey to the 2024 Paris Olympics is not only safe but also punctual. Our drivers’ expertise in European traffic, often dense and demanding, ensures a smooth and pleasant travel experience for all passengers.

Commitment to Safety and Multilingual Assistance

ia image les JO de Paris 2024 avec Autocar Brussels

Autocar Brussels is dedicated to ensuring the safety of its passengers. Our buses are equipped with the latest safety technologies to provide a worry-free journey. Additionally, our team offers multilingual assistance, essential for effective communication with an international clientele during major events like the Olympics.

Our commitment to safety is evident in the rigorous maintenance of our vehicles and the specialized training of our drivers to manage various situations on the road. Furthermore, the multilingual capability of our staff ensures that passengers feel at home, regardless of their background. This assistance is crucial, especially when it helps overcome language barriers and enhances safety through better mutual understanding between passengers and staff.

Customized Tour Options

Tailored Packages for the 2024 Paris Olympics
With Autocar Brussels, every journey to the 2024 Paris Olympics is a unique experience. Our tailored packages are specifically designed to enrich your Olympic adventure, immersing you in local excitement and culture while ensuring comfort and convenience during your travels. Whether you’re following your favorite athletes or discovering iconic Paris sites, we have the perfect package for you.

Flexibility for large groups, families, and individual travelers

Whether you’re planning a trip for a large group, family, or solo, Autocar Brussels offers the flexibility to meet all your expectations. Our transport solutions adapt to the size and specific requirements of each group, ensuring that everyone reaches their destinations with ease and efficiency.

Managing large-scale events like the Olympics requires impeccable logistics, especially when participants vary in number and type. Autocar Brussels excels in providing services that ensure perfect coordination between different groups, minimizing hassles and increasing overall satisfaction. Our experienced drivers and optimized routes ensure that all members of your group, whether families or corporate executives, enjoy a seamless and timely travel experience.

Private Tours for a Personalized Experience

Opt for a private tour with Autocar Brussels for a truly personalized experience of the 2024 Paris Olympics. This option is ideal for those seeking exclusivity and additional comfort. Your preferences and interests dictate our planning, ensuring a journey that fully reflects your desires.

Private tours not only offer the opportunity to explore Paris at your leisure but also in an intimate and controlled setting. By choosing this service, you avoid large groups and have direct access to our team for any requests or modifications along the way. This is particularly valuable during events of such scale where time and comfort are precious. You also have the chance to delve deeper into the French cultural experience, with personalized stops and unique insights offered by your dedicated guide.

Hassle-Free Travel Logistics

Efficient Travel Planning and Coordination
Autocar Brussels simplifies your travel planning for the 2024 Paris Olympics. Our dedicated team takes care of all necessary coordination, allowing you to fully focus on the event’s excitement. Through meticulous planning, we ensure a seamless experience, maximizing your time and comfort.

Smooth Pick-up and Drop-off Points

We have strategically located pick-up and drop-off points in Brussels and Paris to ease your journey. These points are selected for their accessibility and proximity to major transport routes. This well-thought-out network ensures you are never far from an Autocar Brussels transport point, enhancing the efficiency of your trip.

Autocar Brussels’ pick-up and drop-off points are designed to make your travel experience as smooth and pleasant as possible. Located in key areas, they allow you to easily find your way to and from major Olympic sites, while enjoying the comfortable and luxurious ambiance of our buses.

Airport Transfers and Customized Itineraries on Demand
For a personalized experience, Autocar Brussels offers airport transfers and customized itineraries. Whether you’re arriving at Brussels or Paris airport, our services adapt to your specific needs to offer unparalleled convenience. Enjoy a tailored journey tailored to your Olympic schedule.

Our airport transfer services provide peace of mind upon your arrival. With Autocar Brussels, you can rely on efficient pick-up and direct drop-off at your accommodation or a strategic point of your choice. These services are flexible and can be tailored to include customized itineraries, ensuring optimal exploration of the city, in addition to the Olympic events.

Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly Approach

Dedication to Carbon Emission Reduction
Autocar Brussels is firmly committed to minimizing its carbon footprint in preparation for the 2024 Paris Olympics. The company implements advanced technologies to reduce CO2 emissions, reaffirming its commitment to a cleaner planet and sustainable future.

Environmentally friendly buses and advancements in energy efficiency
Autocar Brussels’ fleet benefits from the latest innovations in energy efficiency, including buses running on less polluting alternative fuels and hybrid systems. These initiatives significantly reduce fuel consumption and emissions, aligning the company’s operations with stringent environmental standards.

Traveling to the 2024 Paris Olympics with Autocar Brussels is not just a means of transportation but an affirmation of environmental commitment. Through the use of advanced technologies such as energy-efficient engines and emission reduction systems, the company’s buses ensure a journey that is not only comfortable but also environmentally friendly. This approach is part of an overall commitment to environmental protection while meeting the ecological expectations of our passengers.

Responsible Practices to Minimize Environmental Impact

In line with its sustainable approach, Autocar Brussels adopts practices that support the reduction of environmental impact, such as material recycling and waste reduction. These initiatives are essential for promoting responsible and sustainable tourism, especially in the context of a major international event like the Olympics.

Autocar Brussels’ commitments extend beyond the use of green buses; the company also implements waste management and recycling strategies in its operations. Moreover, continuous staff training on best environmental practices underscores the importance of eco-friendly behavior, not only internally but also towards the global community. This approach directly contributes to a healthier environment and effective reduction of generated waste.

Easy Booking Process

User-Friendly Website for Information and Reservations
Autocar Brussels provides an intuitive and easy-to-use website designed to simplify your booking experience. Whether you’re planning a trip to the 2024 Paris Olympics or any other destination, you can easily find all the necessary information and reserve your seats with a few clicks.

Responsive Customer Support Team for Requests and Special Needs

Autocar Brussels’ customer support team is always available to address your questions and ensure that your special requirements are well taken care of. Availability and efficiency are key, ensuring that your experience is as seamless as possible.

Autocar Brussels’ customer support team stands out for its personalized approach to customer requests. Whether for additional information about the journey, questions about onboard facilities, or specific requirements related to mobility needs, our team is here to assist you. With responsiveness and attention to detail, they ensure that every traveler feels fully supported, enhancing confidence and customer satisfaction at every stage of their journey.

Conclusion: Your Gateway to the Paris 2024 Olympics with Autocar Brussels

By choosing Autocar Brussels, you opt for an unparalleled travel experience to the 2024 Paris Olympics. Based in Brussels, our top bus company is your ideal ally to join the excitement of this major global event. Embark on an unforgettable adventure, marked by the comfort and quality of service that only Autocar Brussels can offer. Book now to secure your spot in the heart of the action!

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autocar avec 50 places

50-Seater Bus Rental with Driver by Coach Brussels: Your Complete Guide

Introducing the Exceptional Services of Coach Brussels

In the dynamic world of group transportation, Autocar Brussels stands out for its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Our modern fleet of 50-seater buses combines comfort, safety, and style, turning every journey into an unforgettable experience. Whether it’s for corporate events, school trips, or sightseeing tours, we have the perfect solution to meet your needs, with competitive rates that reflect our unmatched quality.

Factors Influencing the Rental Rate

The rental rate for a 50-seater bus with a driver depends on several essential criteria. At Autocar Brussels, we believe in transparency and want our clients to understand the factors that influence our competitive pricing.

  • Travel Distance: The farther your destination, the higher the price may go due to fuel and driving time.
  • Rental Duration: Renting a bus for several days can affect the overall cost, including accommodation fees for the driver if necessary.
  • Seasonality: High-demand periods, such as school holidays and festive seasons, can impact our rates.
  • Additional Services: Special requests, such as onboard multimedia equipment or meals for passengers, can also alter the price of your rental.

Why Choose Coach Brussels?

Choosing Coach Brussels means opting for a superior experience at every step of your journey.

Exceptional Comfort: Our buses are equipped with ergonomic seats, air conditioning, free WiFi, and modern multimedia systems, ensuring a pleasant and relaxing trip.

Safety First: Safety is our top priority. Our vehicles are regularly inspected and maintained according to strict standards, and all our drivers are experienced and trained in first aid.

Flexibility and Personalization: Every journey is unique. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of customizable services to meet your exact needs.

Environmental Commitment: Mindful of our impact on the environment, we invest in clean technologies and eco-friendly practices to reduce our carbon footprint.

Transparent and Competitive Pricing

At  Autocar Brussels, we take pride in offering excellent value for money. Our rates range between €650 and €950 per day for a 50-seater bus, depending on the specifics of your trip. This price includes not just a high-quality vehicle and an experienced driver but also our commitment to making your experience as enjoyable as possible.

Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

Our dedication to excellence is echoed in our customer feedback. From school groups to international companies, our partners praise our professionalism, flexibility, and attention to detail. “Thanks to Coach Brussels, our corporate outing was a tremendous success,” shares a satisfied client.

Planning Your Trip with Coach Brussels

Planning a trip with a 50-seater bus has never been easier. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs. Our devoted team is ready to provide you with a hassle-free experience, tailored to your budget and preferences.

Conclusion: An Unparalleled Travel Experience

Coach Brussels distinguishes itself as the preferred choice for 50-seater bus rentals with a driver. We offer a perfect blend of comfort, safety, and personalization, all encapsulated in a transparent and advantageous pricing offer. Choose excellence for your next group journey and let Autocar Brussels take you to new horizons.

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Embark on a Journey of Serenity, Opulence, and Affordability

An Introduction to Dreamlike Travel

In the vast expanse of travel, where safety, comfort, and affordability form the bedrock of an outstanding journey, the lure of an unparalleled adventure is everyone’s dream. This definitive guide is tailored to steer you through the luxurious realms at competitive pricing, whether you’re yearning for an enchanting Brussels excursion, a swift airport transfer, or a customized educational trip. Join us on this odyssey where luxury, convenience, and the joys of exploration converge to forge unforgettable experiences.

Luxurious Brussels Excursions

Brussels, with its unmatched charm where history and modernity intertwine, offers a myriad of activities and sights waiting to be discovered. Our luxurious Brussels excursions promise a deep dive into the vibrant heart of the European capital. With our fleet of dream coaches, each journey transforms into a first-class experience, where comfort and wonder are guaranteed. Experience the grandeur of the Grand Place, the mystique of Manneken Pis, and the brilliance of the Atomium, all at gentle prices.

Effortless and Rapid Airport Transfer

The race against time to catch a flight will become a distant memory with our effortless and rapid airport transfer service. Punctuality and comfort are the cornerstones of our offering, ensuring a stress-free departure or return. Our well-equipped vehicles and experienced drivers ensure a smooth passage, epitomizing our commitment to providing extra ease in your commutes.

Tailored Educational Journeys

Educational trips play a crucial role in a student’s developmental journey, blending learning with adventure and opening new horizons in a secure environment. Our expertise in curating tailored educational journeys promises an unforgettable educational adventure for students, with programs designed to cater to various age groups and interests, all within flawless logistics and total comfort.

Exemplary Professional Transportation

In the professional world, time is of the essence. That’s why our professional transportation service caters to the needs of businesses seeking efficiency and reliability. Whether it’s a minibus for small committee meetings or a luxury coach for company seminars, our modern fleet and customized services ensure a top-tier experience.

Bus Rental: Guaranteed Comfort

For groups seeking a flexible and comfortable transportation solution, our bus rental service strikes the perfect balance between comfort, safety, and affordability. Our vehicles, ranging from magical minibuses to dream coaches, are designed to make each journey an integral part of the travel experience, allowing you to travel with ease and style in a fantastic group setting.

Minibuses: A Delight in Small Group Travel

The joy of traveling in a small group cannot be overstressed. Our minibuses offer an intimate and personalized solution for exploring destinations with freedom. Perfect for families, friends, or teams, our service combines the joy of travel and freedom of movement, all at gentle prices, providing a superior alternative for your extraordinary excursions.

Conclusion: A Top Destination, Pleasure on Road Assured

Here, every journey comes with a promise of joy, comfort, and efficiency. From the lively streets of Brussels to the tranquility of an airport transfer, through the enrichment of an educational trip or the exclusivity of a professional movement, we are dedicated to offering you an unparalleled experience. Our fleet of luxury buses and magical minibuses is at your disposal to transform every movement into a memorable adventure. No more delays, more convenience, and gentle prices: that’s our promise to you.

Embark with us on a journey where every destination becomes a top destination and every road, a pleasure. Whether it’s a professional trip, an extraordinary excursion, or a safe school adventure, your satisfaction is our priority. Welcome aboard for an experience that redefines travel.

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un chauffeur de bus blanche qui montre leure entreprise

A Comprehensive Guide: Renting a Bus with Driver in Brussels

Renting a Bus with Driver in Brussels

Are you planning a group outing or an event in Brussels? Renting a bus with a driver can be a convenient and efficient solution for transportation. In this article, we will explore the process of renting a bus with a driver in Brussels, discuss the pricing options, highlight the advantages of this service, provide tips for selecting the right type of bus, and examine the various rental packages avalable

 Renting a Bus with Driver in Brussels

Renting a bus with a driver in Brussels is a straightforward process. There are several reputable companies that offer this service, providing a wide range of vehicles to cater to different group sizes and needs. To start, you can begin your search online, where you’ll find various rental agencies with user-friendly websites and online booking systems.

 Pricing for Bus with Driver Rental in Brussels

The cost of renting a bus with a driver in Brussels will depend on several factors, including the duration of the rental, the type and size of the bus, and any additional services or amenities required. Typically, rental agencies charge by the hour or per day, and prices might vary accordingly. To get an accurate pricing estimate, it’s recommended to contact multiple rental agencies, provide them with your specific requirements, and request a quotation.

Advantages of Renting a Bus with Driver in Brussels

Renting a bus with a driver in Brussels offers several advantages. Firstly, it eliminates the stress of navigating through an unfamiliar city, as the driver will be experienced and knowledgeable about the local roads and traffic. Additionally, it allows everyone in the group to travel together, enhancing the sense of camaraderie and making the journey more enjoyable. Moreover, a professional driver ensures the safety of everyone, as they are trained in defensive driving techniques and familiar with the road regulations of Brussels.

Selecting the Right Type of Bus for your Rental in Brussels

When choosing the appropriate bus for your rental in Brussels, there are a few factors to consider. Firstly, determine the number of passengers you’ll be accommodating, as this will help in selecting the right size of the bus. Secondly, consider the amenities and facilities you require, such as air conditioning, Wi-Fi, reclining seats, or entertainment options. Lastly, think about the purpose of the trip – whether it’s a corporate event, a school excursion, or a wedding – and choose a bus that aligns with the specific needs of your group.

 Different Rental Packages for Bus with Driver in Brussels

Rental agencies in Brussels usually offer a variety of packages to suit different budgets and requirements. These can range from basic options that cover the transportation aspect only, to more comprehensive packages that include additional services like tour guides, multilingual drivers, or customized itineraries. Discuss your needs and preferences with the rental agency to find a package that meets your requirements while staying within your budget.


Renting a bus with a driver in Brussels is a convenient and reliable option for group transportation. With numerous rental agencies available, finding the right bus and driver for your specific needs has never been easier. Remember to consider the pricing, advantages, and different rental packages available to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience. By taking these factors into account and planning ahead, you can successfully arrange a comfortable and hassle-free trip for your group in Brussels.

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autocar couleur blanche roule a Brussels le 23 septembre

The Benefits of Bus Rental for Corporate Outings

The Benefits of Bus Rental for Corporate Outings

In today’s professional world, corporate outings have become essential for strengthening team cohesion, boosting employee motivation, and providing well-deserved moments of relaxation. When it comes to organizing such excursions, **bus rental** proves to be a practical and efficient solution. In this article, we will explore the advantages of bus rental for corporate outings, along with essential tips to make it a successful experience, while highlighting the importance of SEO optimization to attract a relevant audience.

 Comfort and Team Cohesion:

Renting a bus offers unparalleled comfort for employees. Everyone can travel together, fostering team cohesion by allowing colleagues to socialize and interact during the journey.

Simplified Logistics:

Bus rental simplifies the logistics of corporate outings. No need to coordinate multiple individual vehicles. A spacious and comfortable bus can accommodate the entire group, making travel management easier.

Cost Savings:

Compared to other means of transportation such as planes or trains, bus rental is often more economical. This allows companies to reduce costs while providing a quality experience for their employees.


Rental buses offer considerable flexibility in terms of customization. You can choose the type of bus based on your group size and specific needs, whether it’s a day trip or a multi-day outing.

For more information on bus rental for corporate outings, you can visit the website of **Autocar Brussels**. They offer tailor-made solutions for professionals to rent a bus with a driver. Their fleet includes chauffeur-driven minibusses for around ten people, as well as comfortable coaches featuring spacious seats with optimized legroom and body space, onboard TV, air conditioning for spring and summer outings, toilets, ample luggage storage, a minibar for refreshments, and a coffee machine.

I hope you find this information helpful! Feel free to ask me any other questions.

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 Bus Rental Services in Brussels

 Bus Rental Services in Brussels

Trust an experienced company for your private chauffeur-driven minibus rental needs, including transfers and disposals. You can find minibus rentals throughout Belgium, whether you live in Ostend, Antwerp, Ghent, Brussels, Mons, Charleroi, Namur, or Liège. There will always be a vehicle available for rent near you

Bus Rental for Sports Clubs

Rent a bus for your sports club or supporters’ team. Autocar Brussels will take you to the next match at an unbeatable price, whether you are a professional or an individual, a sports club or a cultural association. We provide chauffeur-driven buses for all your bus transportation needs. Our team is at your disposal to answer your questions.

Bus Rental for Weddings

Find bus rentals for your celebration, as well as minibusses, microbusses, or coaches in Brussels. Autocar Brussels offers a bus rental service for your wedding so that your guests can fully enjoy the event.

Wedding Bus Rental Prices

The rental prices at Autocar Brussels are very competitive. Rent a bus with a chauffeur to make your party or event unforgettable. Feel free to estimate the price of your bus rental project for the wedding! Our prices include the bus rental with a chauffeur and all fees.

Bus Rental for School Trips

If you are a teacher in a primary school, secondary school, or technical school in Brussels, or if you are a travel agency organizing individual, group, or corporate trips in Belgium and Europe, Autocar Brussels provides you with a range of coaches suitable for all types of trips that perfectly meet your needs at the best price.


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Louer un Bus a Bruxelles

Voyager en groupe en autocar de location a Bruxelles
Location de car avec conducteur pour vos transferts, tourisme urbain, transport périscolaire, déplacement séminaire avec les Autocars de Belgique. Basé à Bruxelles Notre entreprise de location de bus, vans, minibus et de cars avec chauffeurs vous accompagne dans tous vos déplacements que vous soyez .Ainsi, que vous ayez besoin d’un minibus 15 places pas cher pour quelques heures ou pour une dizaine de jours, vous êtes assurés de trouver via Autocar.brusseles un véhicule convenant à vos aspirations. Sur-mesure Louer un Bus a Bruxelles
prix location car avec chauffeur
prix d’une location d’un bus de tourisme avec chauffeur d’environ 30 places, dans Bruxelles
tout depend du nombre d’heures, des kilometres, de l’équipement du car si il faut un ou deux chauffeurs
un exemple pour un car de tourisme de 20H à 24H avec un chauffeur et 100km peut te revenir au environ de 300€
le mieux c’est de télephonner aux autocaristes pres de chez toi et de demander un devis certains casse les prix et Tout savoir sur le prix de la location d’un bus avec chauffeur : devis en ligne gratuit et immédiat, pour toutes tailles de groupe, en Belgique et en Europe .Spécialiste du transport haut de gamme de personnes en autocar, Avis Chauffeur propose la location d’autocars pour des visites et excursions touristiques en des autocars d’exception 30 à 50 passagers , choisissez la qualité de service Avis Chauffeur pour tous vos besoins en transports de groupes avec chauffeur.
Combien de places en groupe dans un bus à louer ?

De nombreux modèles de bus sont disponibles pour Bruxelles vous pouvez réserver au choix un bus de 20, 50 ou 80 places. Vous nous indiquez le nombre de passagers,Il existe principalement 3 catégories de car en fonction de leurs capacités : le minibus 20 places, le car Grand Tourisme (GT) classique à 50 places et l’autocar avec étage à 80 places.

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location minibus bruxelles

location Minibus Bruxelles

Besoin d’une location de minibus 6 à 9 places ? Louez pas cher à un particulier, c’est 100% rassuré ! places pour voyager en grand avec un permis B Les locations sont Pourquoi louer un minibus chez location Minibus Bruxelles ? Des locations aux meilleurs prix.

Il n’y a que des bonnes occasions pour louer un minibus adapté à vos besoins et partager des moments conviviaux et uniques, en toute sécurité. Véhicule spacieux, confortable et pratique, le minibus sans chauffeur est le moyen de transport le plus adapté et le plus économique pour voyager en groupe. Plus besoin de compter vos bagages ni vos sous. Et vous, quel type de minibus allez-vous choisir pour votre location ?

Louer un minibus pour un mini-groupe Les groupes constitues ont aujourd’hui le choix quant au mode de transport pour leur  Location Minibus pour Groupe

Louer un bus pour un groupe c’est une solution pour un tarif moins cher. Il faut tout simplement choisir d’opter pour la… le type de bus. Location de minibus avec chauffeur de bus Le fonctionnement et les avantages de la location de minibus. Louer un minibus utilitaire pour professionnels et particuliers. Découvrez nos véhicules, notre réseau d’agences? Informations pratiques sur la location de Minibus Pour louer ce type de véhicule.

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private driver tomorrowland

private driver tomorrowland -Brussels, Charleroi Airport

private driver tomorrowland Brussels, Charleroi Airport

private driver tomorrowland Brussels, Charleroi Airport to Boom Tomorrowland Festival Shuttle, minibus and Boom Tomorrowland

How much does a Private driver cab cost from Tomorrowland Main Entrance, Boom, Belgium in Brussels, Belgium?

Organizing your own trip with private driver
Are you organizing your own bus,limo trip to Tomorrowland? Registration is required.
You will receive a confirmation with the itinerary for your bus,limo to Tomorrowland and reserve a parking place for the bus.

Tomorrowland takes place at recreation area, De Schorre, in Boom. The town of Boom is situated in Belgium, between Antwerp & Brussels.


From Brussels, From Antwerp ,From Mechelen  ,From other cities in Belgium


+32 2 512.01.01 ,, Autocar Brussels Avenue Louise 65, 1050 Brussels



There is also a Belgium pre-sale for those that are from Belgium that takes place before the WorldWide Pre-Sale.


The Tomorrowland ticket price depends on what you buy. For a day pass it’s €88 or $110 (Saturday sells out the fastest, usually). A Full Madness Tomorrowland pass is for all three days and is €225 or $272 for Worldwide Pre-sale or for Worldwide sale it’s a bit more expensive at €281 or $340.  Remember, you can only buy tickets for up to four people.



Tomorrowland tickets have a few different sales. The WorldWide Pre-Sale is January 27, 2018 at 17 CET (5pm CET). This is the first time you can get Tomorrowland tickets, full madness passes and DreamVille packages. Worldwide Ticket sales takes place Saturday February 3, 2018 at 17:00 CET (5pm CET).


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